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Theresa May urges EU to extend trade terms for two years...

In a major speech British Prime Minister Theresa May proposed a two-year transition period for Britain after it leaves the European Union.

Euro-Muslims willing to embrace non-Muslims

A survey of Muslims in 15 European Union countries finds most are willing to embrace non-Muslims, but they often feel rebuffed by the majority populations of the places they live.

Commission scales up EU’s response to cyber-attacks

To equip Europe with the right tools to deal with cyber-attacks, the European Commission and the High Representative are proposing a wide-ranging set of measures to build strong cybersecurity in the EU.

Spain’s government cracks down on Catalonia

Spain has taken control of Catalonia's finances to prevent funds being used for an independence referendum it deems illegal, a move that limits the region's autonomy and puts in doubt the payment of thousands of public workers' salaries.

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Hamilton wins wet and wild Singapore Grand Prix

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton struck a decisive blow in his championship battle with Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel as he took the honours in Formula One's first wet night race.

Catalonia divided as controversial poll on independence sparks conflict with Madrid

As appeals for dialogue make no progress, Madrid turns to threats of police action.

EU executive body proposes stricter party finance rules

The EU will introduce reforms to curb abuses in party financing for European Parliament elections as it tries to bolster trust in the bloc's democracy.

Will the banks pay for centralized EU markets supervision?

The European Union wants to centralize market supervision and make banks pay for it, the bloc’s financial services chief said, signaling how it will seek to regroup after Britain leaves.

Is the EU ‘bouncing back’ and ready to go?

The European Union is in a healthier economic state than it’s been for more than a decade and is ready to move on from Brexit,.

State of the European Union Speech 2017

Every September in the annual State of the European Union speech the President of the European Commission takes stock of the achievements of the past year and presents priorities for the year ahead.

EU steps up efforts to preserve Polish rule of law

The European Union escalated its case against Poland over what it sees as democratic backsliding in the Central European nation.
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Cold War 2.0 is getting warmer

Russia has promised a “tough response” to a U.S. order to shut the Russian Consulate in San Francisco.

Britain may seek ‘temporary’ customs union with EU

Britain gave its most detailed indication yet of how its future trade with the European Union might work after Brexit,

Arms race for space

In the 1950s, the US raced to dominate space - to launch objects, and people, into the unknown - hoping to show off its technological superiority. In 2016, they are preparing for a space war.

Grexit, Frexit, Nexit or Polexit?

Since British voters endorsed leaving the European Union, politicians and pundits have ruminated on which of the bloc’s remaining 27 nations could be next.

EU explores account freezes to prevent bank runs

European Union states are considering measures which would allow them to temporarily stop people withdrawing money from their accounts to prevent bank runs.

Can Martin Schulz accelerate eurozone reform?

German Social Democrat leader Martin Schulz called on for accelerated reforms to the eurozone.

Is Warsaw prepared to face EU consequences?

The European Union executive holds only limited leverage to stop ruling nationalists eroding the rule of law in Poland.

Separatist turn to conquering all of Ukraine

Separatists in eastern Ukraine on Tuesday proclaimed a new state that aspires to include not only the areas they control but also the rest of the country.

Is the EU about to get more free trade with the US?

In a twist that surprised some, the Treasury Department is signaling its intent to sign a bilateral agreement between the United States and the European Union.

Brussels wants London to show them the money first

EU officials hope the British government shows more urgency about a Brexit deal when its negotiators come to Brussels

Former British PM Tony Blair hopes to prevent a “hard Brexit”

EU leaders are willing to change the bloc's rules for the freedom of movement of workers, opening an opportunity for Britain to avoid a damaging "hard Brexit", former prime minister Tony Blair said on Saturday.

Does Italy have the solution for Europe’s migrant crisis?

Rescue boats could be refused port in Italy if they don’t sign onto the proposed code of conduct.

Should the EU keep the door open to Balkan members?

Italy warned that the European Union must keep its doors open to eventual membership for Western Balkan countries.

Tough Brexit conditions set by chief EU negotiator

Showing frustration with what Europeans consider British grandstanding and impatience with a dearth of clear proposals, the EU’s Michel Barnier said Britain needs to make “sufficient progress” on all the initial issues — citizens’ rights.

Europeans could also be deported by Donald Trump

Europeans often hid in plain sight as Latin Americans, Asians and others living illegally in America were sent packing.