Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev: ‘We should continue writing history of strong Bulgaria in strong EU’


“We should continue writing the history of a strong Bulgaria in a strong EU. We should start new integration projects and look forward and not backward,” President Rosen Plevneliev said in his address to the nation on the occasion of the upcoming New 2017 Year.

The yearning for past glory or the wish for the strong hand of a leader, who would bring prosperity do not offer a solution. The solution lies in strong institutions, which will guarantee justice and rules for everyone. The solution is in the conscious efforts of everyone of us to improve and upgrade and not to destroy,” the President noted.

He recalled that Bulgaria will mark the 10th anniversary of its accession to the EU on January 1, 2017 describing it as undoubtedly a historic achievement along the road of fulfillment of the national ideal, defined by national hero Vassil Levski – “Equality with the Other European Peoples”. Today, Bulgaria is completely different compared to the year, when it stated its European path, the President said enumerating economic and social achievements, such as the growth of the gross national product and the increased spending on education, pensions and social policies.

“The Bulgarians have never before been so free and integrated into democratic Europe,” Plevneliev continued. Today, Bulgaria is a reliable ally of NATO, a trusted partner of the EU and a good neigboour and friend of everyone in the region.

“Never before, has Bulgaria had such a brisk trade with the Balkans and the EU and the number of tourists has never been so high. We had never had such a high number of state and government leaders visiting the country within one year before. We have never been more connected, integrated and having a common perspective and a common horizon for democratic development.”

“We are aware the crises, where migratory, terrorist, financial or other, go beyond our borders and we can withstand them, only if we are united,” said the President. “We can guarantee our security and energy independence and be a market, sufficiently big for strategic investors and factories of the future, only if we are together.” Therefore, anyone, who wishes to isolate Bulgaria within narrowly nationalist borders and works for a weak and disunited European Union or positions Bulgaria as an unsteady, passive and problematic member at the Union’s periphery works against the national ideal, he noted.

“We are impressed by strong leaders and populists. However, while strength is shortlived, wisdom and goodness are eternal,” Plevneliev said. The head of State urged the people to give the green light to politicians with moral and dignity withstanding principled positions and all-human values

Speaking about incomes and infrastructure, he said that “we should feel like Europeans but also act like Europeans by supporting the European values for peace, human rights and freedoms and supremacy of the law”. In the context of Bulgaria’s upcoming Presidency of the EU “we should demonstrate the best of Bulgaria before Europe and the world”.

In the light of the Christmas and New Year holidays the President wished that the warmth and the love of the family fill the people with faith, so that they cold move on with open hearts and the feeling of having a life mission. “Let us not spare efforts for peace among the people in today’s world, which suffers from conflicts and injustice,” he urged.

Finally, the President wished that the New Year brings health, peace, hope and prosperity to all the Bulgarians wherever they are in the world