Croatia “unblocks” Serbia’s EU accession talks


Croatian Foreign Minister Davor Ivo Stir said on Friday that his country has “unblocked” Serbia.

This means that Zagreb “removed its reservations” regarding the opening of Chapter 26 (education and culture) in Serbia’s negotiations to join the EU, the Beta agency has reported, quoting the N1 broadcaster.

“The conditions have been met for us to lift our reserves concerning Chapter 26, and I want to say that within Chapter 23 we will monitor the fulfilling of all obligations concerning national minorities, with the emphasis on the Croat minority,” said Stir.

This came after a memorandum was signed in Belgrade concerning cooperation in the area of publishing textbooks in the languages and alphabets of minorities.

Stir said he welcomed the document signed by the Serbian minister of education and representatives of the Croat minority.

Croatian media said that the signing was attended by ambassadors of Croatia, the EU, and Bulgaria.