Donald Trump ‘reacts’ to Dutch request with ‘kisses’


It looks like the official petition to make the Netherlands second has been a failure, a total disaster! It’s true. The petition created by P.O. has received only one vote thus far.

“The Netherlands has requested, within the scope of the new America first initiatives, to be simply: second. They don’t want us to forget about them. So the White House should give them a call. 2nd place is open, and they asked nicely before anyone else. We’ll make them great too. We can do it”, is the official text.

The petition needs 99,999 signatures by February 23, 2017 to get a response from the White House. It looks like Donald Trump does not like the Dutch as much as the Dutch like themselves. Recent actions of the American President can’t count on support of the world, let alone his own people. California is actually considering seceding from the United States as a result.

The Dutch weren’t kidding when they said: “America first, Netherlands second“, but it looks like the Netherlands will do themselves a favor by focussing on their place inside the European Union. Americans are too busy saving themselves right now.