EU unemployment rate unchanged, Estonia struggles to keep up


The unemployment rate increased by 1.1 percentage point in Estonia in November 2016 year-on-year, the highest in the European Union, showed data released by Eurostat, the EU’s statistics agency, on Monday.

Estonia’s unemployment rate increased to 7.4 percent in November 2016 from 6.3 percent in November 2015, despite the unemployment rate decreasing in 24 EU member states, according to the official data.

The unemployment rate in the wider 28-country EU was 8.3 percent in November 2016, down by 0.1 percentage point compared with the preceding month and 0.7 percentage point compared with November 2015.

The EU’s largest joblessness decrease was registered in Croatia which dropped from 15.7 percent in November 2015 to 11.4 percent in November 2016.

Meanwhile, the jobless rate in the 19-country eurozone remained unchanged at 9.8 percent in November compared with October 2016, holding on to the lowest rate since July 2009.