Dutch granny, 99, arrested and jailed


Even at 99 years of age, there are still some things Annie never experienced. One of these items on her bucket list was never being arrested and thrown in jail. So the local police decided to help her remove this particular item from her list.

Poor Annie! Here she is almost reaching 100 years of age and she has never experienced being arrested and locked in a jail cell. And she wanted to experience that. So the local police in Nijmegen-Zuid, Netherlands decided to oblige her.

Annie’s niece contacted the police in Nijmegen-Zuid and explained her 99-year-old aunt had a bucket list of things she had never done. The niece asked if Annie could be arrested and placed in a cell so she could cross that item off her list.

The police thought this request was hilarious and decided to check to see if it could be done. After deciding it could be, Annie was driven to the station, handcuffed, and put into a cell although she was kept in the cell for only a few minutes.

As we all know, anyone who is arrested, handcuffed and jailed is photographed and Annie was no exception. Pictures were taken of the elderly woman being handcuffed, sitting in the cell while handcuffed and when an officer was removing the cuffs. In all three pictures, Annie looked like one happy woman.

Lieutenant Peter Smit said Annie had never committed a crime before and thought it would be exciting to be arrested and locked up in a jail cell. And as can be seen from the pictures, she was having a good time.

The Nijmegan-Zuid police posted Annie’s story on their Facebook page along with the three pictures. The post got thousands of “likes” and as well as interesting comments.

Police are unsure of why the experience of being arrested and locked up was on her bucket list in the first place. But no matter what the reason, Annie can now cross that item out.